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If you ask any crab connoisseur living on the East Coast about the cost and availability of the famous blue claw crab over the last twenty years, their response will always be: The crab meat is too expensive and not readily available, very much unlike the "good old days" when crabs were inexpensive and plentiful. The reason for this is the blue crab population has rapidly declined over the last two decades. There are several reasons for the decrease in the crab bio mass, including over fishing and pollution.

During this same period of time, crab meat processors had made major innovations in their production methods. Crab meat from alternative origins slowly made their way into the US market in the form of pasteurized canned product from places like Central and South America as well as Southeast Asia. These new areas of crab fishing helped to alleviate the pressure on the domestic blue crab and gave way for their conservation. In the beginning there was considerable resistance to the idea of pasteurized crab meat and there was a multitude of problems associated with inconsistent packaging standards in most of these third world countries.

Michael Shive, our purchasing director, was dissatisfied with the quality of crab meat showing up at our facility. After several years of research and sampling, Mike made contact with a small company that processed blue swimming crab (portunas pelagicous). This species is a close cousin to the famed Chesapeake Bay blue claw. This contact overseas had the ability to produce and pack to his specifications that were many steps above all other brands currently in the marketplace. The efforts have resulted in the development of a brand that is unrivaled in quality and taste. We are proud to announce the P & G Trading Company has joined forces with this company and are the sole distributors of the "Central Brand" premium crab meat in the United States.

This delicious crab meat is produced in a HACCP certified facility owned by our partners on Cebu Island in the Philippines. All production is in accordance with our very strict quality standards and specifications.

We are proud to offer this product in four different grades, Jumbo Lump is the first and largest, the next is Backfin; these chunks of white meat are a delicious addition to any recipe or menu. The third grade is Special which comes as finely shredded flakes that are excellent for sauces or in crab cakes. The last grade and most flavorful is Claw meat. All grades are virtually shell free and posses a 9 to 12 month shelf life, as long as the product is maintained chilled to a temperature of 35 degrees F.

Now treat yourself and your customers to the finest quality crab meat in the world. Please direct all questions and interest on our "Central Brand" crab meat, exclusively from P & G Trading Company, to your sales representative. They will be happy to assist you.

"Central" Brand Crab meat
A Claw Above the Rest

"Central" brand crab meat is produced in Pilipog, Cordova, Cebu Philippines in a HACCP certified processing plant. This premium crab meat is produced only from cooking live crabs that are caught in baited traps from the crystal clear waters surrounding the Philippines. The vast majority of these crabs are caught from small fan tailed boats operated by local fisherman whose livelihoods depend strictly on the sea. After the whole crabs are cooked the meat is then carefully picked by hand and sorted into the various size categories. While no exact sizing specifications exist, we have found the consistency to be very good with some slight variations in size due to seasonal changes. This product is produced with virtually no shell or cartilage left in the meat, in part because of the commitment and dedication from Nelson, the owner/manager. He has complete control over the procurement of the crabs and processing of them at his plant. Once cooked, the crab meat is packed in one pound coated steel cans, which are manufactured in the United States. At this point the cans are automatically sealed by machine before entering the pasteurization process which reheats the can, with the meat in it, to an internal temperature of 180 degrees for one second before being dipped into a cold water bath. This process and a trace amount of sodium acid pyrophosphate (sapp) is what allows the "Central" brand crab meat to have up to a nine month self life as long as it s refrigerated between 34 to 36 degrees.

Species: Portunus Pelagicus (Blue Swimming Crab)
Nutritional facts can be found printed on each can. All sizes of crab meat come packed in 12 pound waxed cardboard sealed cases.

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